MentAge relies on a team concept, with each member assuming his/her individual responsibilities. The members have been trained in different fields and bring together their specific perceptions and experiences in: medicine, psychology and gerontology.

Prof. Dr. med. Gabriela StoppeProf. Dr. med. Gabriela Stoppe

is recognized as specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy with a focus on old age. She is Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel. After 30 years of work in university hospitals (mainly Göttingen, Germany and Basel, Switzerland), 19 years of which in supervising functions, she is bringing her experience into outpatient care.  In 1991 she founded the Memory Clinic in Göttingen. She has been active in numerous national and international boards, is author of several (scientific) publications and published a number of books, mainly on depression and dementia.  From 2011 to 2012 she served as expert within the „Dialog für Deutschlands Zukunft“ for the German chancellor. Her special interests are innovative concepts to improve mental health of the elderly.  You may find more about her on her personal website.

Lucas Wolski, M. Sc.Lucas Wolski, M. Sc.

is (Psycho-) Gerontologist. He studied psychology, pedagogics and sociology at the University of Erlangen in Germany. In 2012 he got his Master Degree (publication forthcoming). During his study he developed a special interest on (age associated) sensory deprivation and its impact on psychological functioning.