Expert opinion

We furnish opinions concerning the capacity to formulate a will, drive a car etc. for courts, insurances or private persons from Switzerland and Germany. We offer expedient processing time.

Prof. Dr. Stoppe has been involved in the scientific debate concerning the assessment of capacity/competency in persons with dementia or suspected dementia. You might be interested in a book, which she edited on behalf of the European Dementia Network and/or an international review and consensus paper, of which she was coauthor.

competence-assessment-in-dementia Competence Assessment in Dementia
Authors Stoppe G (Ed.)
Publisher Springer Wien New York, 2008
ISBN 978-3-211-72368-5
The wills of older people:
risk factorsfor undue influence
Authors C. Peisah (Ed.)
Publication International Psychogeriatrics
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