Outpatient clinic

Prof. Dr. Stoppe is the responsible physician of the outpatient clinic. She makes interviews and therapies personally. When indicated, neuropsychological investigations and treatments are assumed by Lukas Wolski. For other investigations we cooperate with other institutes, e.g. for laboratory analysis with Viollier (http://www.viollier.ch) and for neuroimaging diagnostics with IMAMED (http://www.imamed.ch).


  • We offer a broad service for mental health and aging. Patients should be at age 50 or older.
  • We address people who seek high quality and discretion.
  • We support self-help.
  • We aim our services at your wishes: We offer visits at home, via skype or intensive (daily) treatments.
  • We treat and consult people from other countries.
  • We offer consultation and treatments in English and German.


The fees for diagnosis and treatment of persons suffering from mental health problems are according to the general standards applied (TARMED).

Persons with no insurance or insurances of other countries than Switzerland receive a private bill and are responsible for remuneration.

Special services (e.g. courses, private expert opinions) have special prices. We announce them in advance.



  • Diagnostics (e.g. grief versus depression)
  • Memory Clinic (assessment and treatment of memory disorders)
  • Assessment of risk (e.g. Alzheimer)
  • Therapy: psychotherapy, drugs, training
  • Advice and support for caregivers
  • Prevention (e.g. burnout)
  • „Second look“ for therapies in other settings.

The first appointment

You may come on your own or via referral. Appointments have to be pre-arranged (phone, fax, e-mail, letter).

Prof. Dr. Stoppe takes time to get to know your problems (1-2 hours). You may bring e.g. your partner with you. The result of the first appointment should be a plan for the next steps.

People expressing the wish for assessment of dementia or other brain disorders can get a neuropsychological testing on the same day.

Each patient fills out a baseline documentation, which helps us to help you.